I started developing games a few months ago and although a beginner I am finding my feet in the world of digital media and mobile gaming. There are many challenges to over come and below is my first of hopefully many projects.


This is a hobby at the moment as I don't have a lot of time to commit fully , but maybe one day that one hit will come my way.


So I decided in a trilogy,  Despina been the first to be released in the coming weeks,  a straight forward run collect rings with some power ups. Despina came from a strange world. A bit sonic Esq but as a character he will develop, he needs to get off the rock he has a battle to fight, he as a war to win, he has evil to conquer can you get despina to.the prize the. Prize is freedom

First levels of despina. First installment

Another world from the first installment

Below is the second installment   the endless war of despina this has been in development sometime it been a complex.process,  but it has 2 genres side scrrolling shooter and a platformer section in the middle which will create the spin off of despina 3, 

Screen shot 1

First previews

Update 24/03/2018

In the process of adding world 2 with some lightly different game play hopefully intergrated  ,  world one end of level boss needs a couple of more features , once i get to world 6 it will be released.


Calling for android alpha testers,  looking for android alpha testers to test this app as it develops feed back is essential 


leave me you gmail detailsl  it has to be teh one you set up your android device with and i will add and send a link to the app

UPDATE 16/11/2018

So its been a while since I updated, I have a normal job to do as well as squeeze in development time,  so as you can see the first installment of despina is nearly finished not a massive game but it started simple and that's how it be finished,  simple easy game play collect the rings use power ups and avoid everything ekse, there's a few things to add before release high scores etc but minor additions,   Endless war the second part is nicely moving forward it quite a big development this and now I have clarity of which way its going it can now be finished still a lot of work to be done but it's 60% there I started this development first around February time and it still been developed slowly but it's getting there,  and because of buildbox limitations its been a challenge to get it how I want it to play its been a learning curve . And Despina 3 is very early stages but excited about this instalment has a lot of promise. This is pushing buildbox to the limits Along with trying to learn unity as well as new techniques in buildbox  its quite a demanding industry to be in certainly takes all your free time but it's enjoyable,  the fun in making games is great, the rewards are people who will play and like your games 

This is the third and final installment of the deapina trilogy very early development, stage there is a lot going on in this stage pure platformer but the video below showcases what it will be like 

Basic level early days of development

A new genre of fame in development this year as I am waiting on updates to the older engine along with learning c# and unity in still the little time.i have to develop. But this a side line development with RMMV.  

Trailer  video below 



Epic Jump

This is a reskin of  bought template of  zen jump,  just released to  playstore lets see what happens as this is a user retention experiment, on  paid installs, i dont expect it do well but it is just an experiment.

Epic jump video

There is no video clip yet

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